Award Schemes


We run two award schemes at the club.

1) The Swim England Swimming Club Awards

2) The Swim England Competitive Swimming Performance Awards (Sprint Awards)

Swimming Club Awards

These awards transition swimmers from ‘Learning to Swim’ to ‘Becoming a Club Swimmer’.

To gain each award, a swimmer must master the set of 12-15 skills listed on the Swim England website.

Awards focus on skills essential to training effectively for competitive swimming, including:

  • Using a pace clock
  • Training sets and drills
  • Racing starts, turns and finishes for all strokes
  • Relay takeovers

Following a structured program should ensure our swimmers have practised the necessary skills and understand competition rules for when they start swimming in league galas.

We start our Friday evening Width group 4 and 5 swimmers on Swimming Club Award 1 and work up from there.

Friday Group Working Towards Award
Widths 4 & 5 1
Lengths 1 2
Lengths 2 3
Lengths 3 4
Lengths 4 5
Lengths 5 6


Competitive Swimming Awards

These are awards are for a sprint or distance time achieved in a time trial or gala.

They give all swimmers an achievable time to aim for, and gradually increase in difficulty until a swimmer can aim for a County Qualifying time.

Our Personal Best Times and Personal Best Tables pages are colour coded using these Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum award times.

A full list of times can be downloaded from the Swim England website.