Open Water Swimming

HSC train for Open Water events throughout the summer season. Danny Bunn, our club chairman, is the 2019 London Region Open Water Head Coach so he encourages our Junior, Senior and Masters swimmers to get out of the pool and into the open air.

Session Times

The team trains at Stubbers Activity Centre on Saturday mornings from May to September. We also try to run Open Water specific pool sessions during the summer to give our younger swimmers a taster without them getting too cold.

Ages and Abilities

We love it when our club swimmers start swimming in the lake and arrange ‘escorted’ swims with them the first time they come.

Swimmers need to be proficient (it’s a 1k loop) and have a bit of flesh on them (water temp starts off around 12 degrees and if we’re lucky gets to above 20 by the end of the summer). A slowish ‘slim’ swimmer will have a cold miserable time. Our youngest open water swimmers are strong Juniors (age 13+ and training in the top lane at 7:30pm or at the 8:30pm session on Friday club nights.)


 We compete in both short course and long distance events, and frequently have swimmers on the podium.