HSC Corona Response

In order to ensure everyone’s safety a number of changes have been made to the way the pool operates and the way the training will operate.  


1) You MUST return this signed health declaration to the Club before you will be allowed to swim.

2) You need to arrive at the pools ‘beach-ready’. Changing rooms will only be available at the end of a session.

3) Use this health assessment flow chart before every session, to assess whether you are able to attend. You will need an accurate thermometer.

4) Please book your sessions in advance by letting James or Danny know that you’d like to attend (because numbers at each session are now limited by social distancing guidelines).

5) Contact James via the Club WhatsApp group to organise payment for books of tickets.

Coronavirus Guidelines – Full Details

 As you may expect the initial return to training will have many restrictions which must be obeyed. Breaches could invalidate the clubs insurance and could cause the re-closure of the pool.

The primary reason for the restrictions is to maintain social distancing to avoid the possible spread
of Covid-19 virus.

To support this any member who is not feeling well, shows any of the Covid symptoms or has been in recent contact with a Covid-19 carrier should not attend the pool.

On arrival at the sports centre you should use the hand sanitizer and will note that there is a one way
system in place. Please follow the blue, Pool arrow markers.

Swimmers will be expected to arrive beach-ready (ie already in swim wear under outdoor clothing) as you will be expected to go straight
to poolside without going to the changing rooms. Outdoor clothes to be put in your bag and left on poolside.

Only arrive immediately before your session and if any queue be patient and keep your

Changing cubicles will be available at end of session.

Whilst the spectator balcony will be available it is requested that no more than one spectator accompanies any swimmer and ensure that
social distancing is maintained on the balcony.

No equipment or drinking bottles are to be shared and should preferably be individually marked.

To ensure traceability in the (hopefully) unlikely event of any positive Covid cases it is essential that the club has an accurate register of every session. The club has maintained registers for the Friday night sessions for several years. Registers for other sessions will be introduced and it is essential that swimmers ensure that they are recorded each time they attend.

Once on the poolside remember to keep your distance both on the poolside and in the water.

Do not gather at the end of the lane. When completing a set of reps leave the pool (lanes 1{nearest balcony}, 3, 5 at shallow
end and lanes 2,4, 6 at deep end) or as instructed by the coach and maintain their distance.

One final restriction is on the number of swimmers allowed in each lane at any one time. This means that the club needs to know in advance who intends to swim. Whilst you can just turn up on the night we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to swim.

Whilst the changing rooms will be open at the end of the session, remember to maintain your distance and please no waiting around. Dry, dress and leave quickly.

The pool staff need to clean and sanitize after each use of the changing rooms.

No drinks or sweets will be available on Friday nights. 

Advice given to Clubs by Swim England can be found here.